Wise Greece Exclusive Wheat mini rusks


The fluffy wheat mini rusks are a beloved and healthy choice for our everyday lives! They are a rich source of B vitamins, fibre and magnesium. Cretan wheat rusks are ideal as an accompaniment to a cheese plateau, you can enjoy them with a glass of ouzo, but you can also use them as thick-cut croutons for your salad!

The family of Wise Greece exclusive products is growing with 13 new products and a wide variety of flavors. What makes these rusks so fluffy is their special production process: the dough is made by hand, then put into specially made wood ovens and finally dried naturally for 20 hours.

Try the wheat mini rusks and do not forget… with every Wise Greece product that you buy, you help us provide even more food supplies to the homeless and children, who live below the poverty line. Learn more and support the non-profit Initiative!