Wise Greece Exclusive Greek salad sauce


The Greek producers are inspired from Wise Greece’s initiative and its cause to create exclusive products! Simply Greek created a wonderful greek salad sauce with amazing properties. As soon as you open the jar, aromas from freshly cut tomatoes, red onions, oregano and olives storm out! Yes! All the ingredients of the Greek salad… in a jar! You can use the sauce in stews, pasta, rusks, pizza, as a dip, an accompaniment or a spread so you can enjoy the rich flavor of the famous Greek salad!

For every “Wise Greece” product that you buy, you help us provide food to homeless and children. Find out more about the Wise Greece Initiative here!

*”Greek salad in a jar” received a Great Taste Award 2016! The Judges saidA good consistency for coating the pasta. Successfully combines the Greek salad ingredients, with tomato and olive elements”.