Wise Greece Exclusive Spicy Pepper pate


We closed the classic Greek flavors in a jar! Amvrosia and Simply Greek cooperate for a good cause and they created a range of products, made with love exclusively for Wise Greece! The spicy pepper pate with tomato-chili and the famous Greek feta cheese, is ideal for rusks, fancy finger food, crackers, as a dip for nachos, a spread or accompaniment to meat! This recipe comes from Northern Greece, where people prefer slightly more spicy food… 

For every “Wise Greece” product that you buy, you help us provide food to homeless and children. Find out more about the Wise Greece Initiative here!

*Spicy Pepper Pate received a Great Taste Award 2016! The Judges said  “The judges really appreciated the clever balance of this paste. All the ingredients came through in turn, declaring their place and then linking well with the other flavours. The Feta was the most clever, providing the necessary salt seasoning and a dairyness. The chilli heat was expertly judged.”