Wise Greece Exclusive Tomato, Soft Cheese & Thyme Sauce


A sauce that you will immediately love for its sweetness! The Tomato – Soft Cheese – Thyme sauce contains “secret” ingredients that make it incredibly sweet! You can try it with spaghetti, in stews, with meatballs, as a spread or use it to make the famous Greek dakos (a rusk with tomato, feta cheese, olive oil and oregano). It goes great with pork or chicken and you can use it as a dip with bread sticks or with grilled BBQ!

This product has been created by Simply Greek exclusively for Wise Greece, in order to include the favorite flavors of Greece in a jar…! Learn more here.

The best part is that with every Wise Greece product that you use in your daily cooking, you help us provide one more meal to the homeless and children in need. Learn more and support our non-profit Initiative!


*he Tomato-Soft Cheese-Thyme Sauce is a winner of a Great Taste Award and a Silver Olymp Taste Award!