Yiam Sour cherries spoon sweet


Sour Cherry in a jar, preserved naturally without chemicals or artificial colors! A favorite Greek recipe comes to life from the company Yiam, to remind us our mother’s cooking! This spoon sweet goes great with yogurt, ice cream, various sweets such as “Black Forest” cakes, or even chocolate!

Yiam is a company based in a small Greek village that is called Agia in Larissa, which creates handmade spoon sweets, with an extra dose of love like your mom would prepare them. In Greece we call them “spoon sweets” since all you need is a spoonful of this delicious product, to make your life a little bit sweeter…  

Try it and don’t forget that, with every Wise Greece product that you buy, you help us provide food to the homeless and children in need. Learn more and support our non-profit initiative!