Greek unfiltered bergamot- flavored coffee with tahini and honey

This is an old monastery tradition that was further adopted by people, mainly during lent season, due to the fact that it fills you with energy and it’s very nutritious. Our beloved Chef Carolina Doriti recalls her grandmother making it and shares the recipe with us!

It can be made with sugar instead, but we prefer the honey. Traditional coffee is unfiltered and is ideally made in a small pot called “briki”. If you haven’t got one of those you may try making it in the smallest possible saucepan! It is traditionally served in a small sized espresso-like cup but this recipe calls for a double dose that can be served in a regular tea cup.

For 1 double coffee:

1 cup fresh water
2 ½ teaspoons Greek coffee with bergamot by NEKTAR for Wise Greece
1 ½ teaspoon tahini
½-1 teaspoon honey (that may be adjusted according to how sweet you like it)

Put the water in the “briki” (if you use sugar instead of honey, the sugar goes in next) and add the coffee on top but do not stir yet. Place it on the heat and as soon as the water starts warming up, give it a stir. In meanwhile add the tahini and honey (if using) in your empty cup.

Keep your eyes on the coffee at all times. As soon as it starts to rise take it off the heat before it begins to boil! Serve a very small quantity in the cup and start stirring. Keep string while slowing adding more coffee in the cup, until you cup is full. Enjoy!

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