Pennes with eggplants

A food that eggplant lovers will adore – It is summery, easy, very tasty and the best part… It also can be transformed to a cold eggplant pasta salad!

Do not forget that for this recipe we used products with the blue Wise Greece sticker to offer even more meals to people in need. Learn more about the non-profit Initiative here.

1 package Epirus Naturally traditional pennes
4 sliced eggplants
1 ½cup Crispin Black Tomato Sauce with Corinthian Currant
1 soup spoon Green n Blu olive oil with chili
Fresh basil leaves
Parmesan or grated dried Greek mizithra (optionally for serving)
Salt and pepper

Cooking instructions
Boil the pennes and drain them off. Pour salt and fresh pepper over the eggplants and cut them in square pieces. Then in a wide pan, heat the olive oil and fry the eggplants. Place them on a plate or bowl, on which you have to spread out a piece of kitchen paper, to drain the oil off.
After cleaning the pan, pour 1 soup spoon olive oil and crispin black tomato sauce with corinthian currantand boil the sauce for 1 minute. Add the pennes and the eggplants, stir and finally add the fresh basil. Serve with freshly ground pepper and the cheese of your choice.

Wise Greece products we used:


Cold salad: We can turn this food into a summery cold eggplant pasta salad by rinsing the pasta with cold water. Let them cooling down and then stir them with the sauce.