Spicy brunch with eggs

Now you can prepare the easiest brunch at home! Either as a scramble or with whole eggs, this dish will give you the pleasure you want!

Do not forget that for this recipe we used products with the blue Wise Greece sticker to offer even more meals to people in need. Learn more about the non-profit Initiative here.

Ingredients for 2 servings
2 ripe and stiff tomatoes
1 cup Simply Greek Spicy Pepper pate
3 eggs
1/4 cup Green n Blu olive oil with oregano
Biodinami Mill with salt and 4 peppers
Chopped parsley
Toasted bread or pitta bread for serving
Optionally add pieces of feta cheese

Cooking instructions
Hull the tomatoes and cut them into pieces. In a frying pan, with medium heat, leave the tomatoes for about 10΄ to drain all their liquids. Add the olive oil, the spicy pepper pate and stir.  Once boiled all together, break the eggs into the pan and let them cook with the sauce. Add some more aromatic olive oil and serve with toasted bread, sprinkling with parsley. If you wish you can add some feta cheese pieces for an extra dose of pleasure.

Wise Greece products we used:

*Why Use Spicy Pepper pate? Instead of using a plain tomato paste, the awarded spicy pepper pate will offer an amazing -slightly spicy- flavor that matches and blends together perfectly with the eggs and tomatoes! Also, you will not have to use many ingredients to prepare your brunch, since this ready-made sauce contains all the ingredients that you need, without preservatives or artificial colors!