Super easy and creative vinaigrettes


A vinaigrette can literally transform even the simplest dish! A smart vinaigrette can give quite different and very interesting tasty result to the dish, whether it is salad or meat.


If you don’t know how to make tasty vinaigrette and you are confined to the familiar “vinaigrette”, we have smart ideas for you that not only will get you out of trouble, but it will also help you impress on every table!

Without doing anything …

If you want a ready and very tasty solution, you can choose the olive oil with flavors! For example, the olive oil with lemon is great for green salads, the balsamic vinegar and honey is perfect for tomato-mozzarella salad and the olive oil with garlic wonderful matches with grilled vegetables! Another idea is to try to mix salads with pomegranate molasses that will immediately give a very sweet flavor to vegetables.

With mastic flavor …

Perfect for green salad! Mix 3 tablespoons Wise Greece “tomato-mastic-mint” with 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Pour the mixture into your salad and let the amazing aroma of mastic and mint bring out the flavor of vegetables.

With spoon sweet…

Try to mix 2 tablespoon strawberries – balsamic vinegar spoon sweet of Yiam with some olive oil and pour the mixture into salad with arugula or spinach! The result will surprise you!

With jam…

If you want to give a fruit flavor to your salad in the moment, you can make an easy vinaigrette by mixing 2 tablespoons jam with some olive oil.


Our proposals:

Blood Orange Jam with Bergamot of Dolopia for lettuce salad

Organic Pomegrade Jam of Drupes for arugula salad

Try the vinaigrette and don’t forget: You can also cook for a good cause! Because with every Wise Greece product you use in your daily cooking, you help us provide one more meal to homeless and children in poverty. Learn more about the non-profit Initiative here.


Wise Greece products we used: