Wise Greece is a multi-award-winning non-profit Initiative! It promotes worldwide the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the excellent products of small Greek producers, while with the profit from their sale it buys essential food supplies so as to distribute them to children, homeless families and elderly people who live below the poverty line. 

The social cause of Wise Greece is double: on the one hand it helps the small Greek producers -the backbone of the Greek economy- to develop, to promote and to export their products, while on the other hand it manages to constantly collect and offer high nutritious food supplies to Social Groceries, Soup Kitchens and Orphanages. 

More than 2,500 products and 100 Greek producers, have gathered and participate in the Wise Greece Initiative until today! The products of small producers are sold both in Greece and abroad, while tons of essential food supplies have been distributed to people in need. 

And all the above have been achieved with your precious help and support, since you buy the products with the blue label “Wise Greece” because you know that with every product you choose “You eat and people in need eat too”.

At the same time, Wise Greece implements educational programs focusing on combating unemployment, strengthening entrepreneurship, promoting the Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable production and consumption. Μeanwhile, it designs and organizes Corporate Social Responsibility programs in collaboration with companies, so as to maximize its social impact or to address important humanitarian crises such as the pandemic of COVID-19.

Wise Greece has received several honorary Awards for its innovative way of operation, but also for its strong social impact, with highlight the award from the World Bank and the United Nations, as one of the 7 Initiatives worldwide, whose activity significantly contributes to the achievement of the Global Sustainability Agenda 2030.