Vamvakies a Social Green Project

Vamvakies a Social Green Project

The Vamvakies Social Green Project was designed by Enel Green Power and Wise Greece, in collaboration with CluBE and the Municipality of Kozani, exclusively for the Municipality of Kozani and the wider region, with the aim of supporting those interested in empowerment and entrepreneurship or seek a career in the food industry.
The program is based on 2 pillars: the empowerment of a small group of women to work in the photovoltaic park of Enel Green Power in Kozani, but also the provision of free training seminars to all citizens of Kozani in order for them to develop their professional skills.

The innovation of the program
The idea became a reality and a small group of women is already in the photovoltaic park in order to plant aromatic herbs, such as oregano, thyme, rosemary etc, using the free space around and below the panels. The ultimate goal of the program is to help them launch the first product line that comes out of a photovoltaic park in Europe!
At the same time, women are supported by a team of consultants and trainers, so that they can be micro-entrepreneurs, be able to sell these original products and earn a significant income.

The educational program
Wise Greece organizes educational courses aiming to support entrepreneurship in the wider region of the Municipality of Kozani. The seminars are held online once a month and are supported by an experienced team of trainers and mentors.

Participants acquire knowledge about the industry and meet mentors who will be able to help them in any professional step. By participating at the seminars, they are trained on very important issues of entrepreneurship such as business planning, effective production, promotion of the products, online and offline communication, network development, sales and exports and many more.

The program’s awards

The Vamvakies Social Green Project program was honored for its Innovation and Social Impact with the Bravo Sustainability Award in the category Society and Partnerships and with the Gold Hellenic Responsible Business Award in the category Decent Work & Economic Development.


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