To Filema tis Lelas Spicy chutney with orange


The origin of the chutney is Indian, but it quickly became part of many cuisines and cultures. The spicy chutney with orange, contains pomegranate juice and grape juice as natural sweeteners, without the need of added sugar and preservatives. It is ideal for a cheese plateau, for grilled meats, chicken, legumes, potatoes or even as a dip! You can also mix a teaspoon of this chutney with some extra virgin olive oil to create a tasty vinaigrette for your salads!

The company To Filema tis Lelas preserves the traditional Greek recipes, uses local raw materials and it is inspired by the modern flavors to create products that are the best ally of your kitchen!

Try the orange chutney and do not forget… with every Wise Greece product that you buy, you help us provide food to people in need. Learn more and support the nonprofit Initiative!