Green n Blu Organic aromatic olive oils in travel size


A wonderful range of organic aromatic olive oils with various extracts in small size! Ideal for the suitcase or for your hand luggage on the plane or to offer it as a souvenir gift to a visitor, since it does not exceed 100ml. Its metal packaging withstands transportation, but also keeps the quality and color of the olive oil unchanged.

The organic extra virgin olive oil of Green & Blu comes from a Koroneiki variety, with a light but rich aftertaste.

You can enjoy it flavored with various flavors, such as garlic, lemon, chili, mustard, oregano, black truffle, rosemary, onion, honey-thyme, mango-orange!

And do not forget, with every product with the Wise Greece brand you choose for your daily cooking, you help us offer another meal to homeless people, children and the elderly who are in great need.